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Why rewards & punishments only work for so long.

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We host a community for parents with young kids filled with resources that transform your parenting!

All of our circles are developmentally tailored according to age.

From Planning to Popping

From before you thought of having a trimester to the end of the 4th, we’ve got your back. Planning, nutrition, environment, mindset, preparation, if it’s about pregnancy or anything to do with birth, recovery, or those crucial first few weeks, we cover it.

From Birth-3 Years old

Congratulations, you’re officially a parent. Now what? Here we learn about attachment, sleep, feeding, self-care, brain development, sensitive periods for learning and a host of other topics most of us don’t even know we should be learning about.

From 3-6 Years old

They got a blue Popsicle and they wanted a red one, with bigger kids come bigger issues. We get serious on exploring stages of development, what “helping” our kids really means, resolving power struggles, body safety, and a host of important issues.

From 6-9 Years old

As our kids grow up and their personalities mature we really want to step into our role as guides in order to be in a position of influence rather than one of authority. Building on our child centered approach we prepare for the teen years.

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Dealing with Tantrums

Punishments and Rewards

Praising effort over results

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