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Meet Carolina

I am Carolina, parent coach, educator, creative, and lover of books and pets.

I am the child of teenage parents and as a result I have studied child development and its intricacies for the past 25 years, worked with hundreds of families, and am a Montessorian at heart, and on paper. I hold a Master’s of Education in Montessori Integrative Learning and certifications in Montessori education for preschool and Lower Elementary. I am also a Neuroencoding Specialist, meaning I have the tools to support you in getting the results you want. My aim is to foster environments that are shame-repellent, growth-oriented, child-centered, family-focused, diverse, and upheld by scientific research.

Some of my inspiration:

Alfie Kohn

The Godfather of Parenting Research

Maria Montessori

The One, The Only

Brene Brown

“Strong Back, Soft Front,
Wild Heart”

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